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Welcome to The Scholarship and Bursary Advisory Centre, the online guide for parents seeking scholarships, bursaries, assisted places, and other awards at independent schools in the UK. 

We cover independent day and boarding schools and colleges which teach pupils up to the age of 18.  This includes nursery schools, preparatory and junior schools, senior and secondary schools, and sixth form colleges in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 


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A lack of financial resources need not be a barrier to your child attending an independent school. 

Approximately a third of pupils at independent schools are in receipt of some fee assistance - that is over 170,000 pupils. 


Nearly a billion pounds are given every year in the form of scholarships, bursaries and other awards.


Each year, over five thousand pupils receive means-tested financial assistance of 100% of the fees. 


"My 4 children won 16 awards, from preparatory to senior level, enabling them to attend wonderful independent schools at which they thrived."

"My mission is to help others to access life-changing opportunities like these, whatever their financial circumstances."

Sally MacDonald, Director of

The Scholarship and Bursary Advisory Centre

For individual help on the process of applying for scholarships, bursaries & other awards, book a consultation with Sally MacDonald.


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"I'm a huge fan of independent education but get so frustrated by the lack of information out there on fee assistance. So many parents aren't even aware that they can apply for scholarships and bursaries and doors that have the possibility of opening, stay shut."


"The other side of the frustration is when I speak to schools who tell me they have bursaries available but no-one to give them to! I can't tell you enough how valuable I think your website will be and I will continue to pass the word on".


"Thanks again for providing what's going to be an invaluable resource. "


Education Consultant.


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