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More pupils receive financial help to attend independent schools in the UK than you may imagine

A lack of financial resources need not be a barrier to your child attending a private school. ​

  • Approximately a third of pupils at independent schools in the UK are in receipt of some fee assistance. 

  • Over a billion pounds are given every year in the form of scholarships, bursaries and other awards.

  • Each year, over eight thousand pupils receive means-tested financial assistance of 100% of the fees. 

  • Over 600 pupils, in addition to paying no fees, also receive financial help towards additional costs, such as uniform.    

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"Thanks again for providing this invaluable resource"

"I'm a huge fan of independent education but get so frustrated by the lack of information out there on fee assistance. So many parents aren't even aware that they can apply for scholarships and bursaries and doors that have the possibility of opening, stay shut."

"The other side of the frustration is when I speak to schools who tell me they have bursaries available but no-one to give them to! I can't tell you enough how valuable I think your website will be and I will continue to pass the word on".

Claire, Education Consultant.