Parent's Success Story

How I Managed to Keep My Children at Independent School After Becoming a Single Parent




“I found myself with a radical change of circumstance that totally compromised the likelihood of my children being able to continue their already very established private education. The children’s father suddenly decided to leave for pastures new and he demanded that the children be put into state education with no regard for choice or suitability of school. He refused to contribute anything whatsoever to their educational future.


Given that my daughter has special educational needs, the need for continuity was paramount and I was devastated that she would have to cope with the disruption of withdrawing her from her school where she was both happy and progressing. My son had great friendship groups, was in the top set for everything and the idea of having to leave so suddenly was really upsetting for him.


I didn’t know anything about scholarships or bursaries. I had vaguely heard of them, but assumed there would be no way I would be eligible as I owned my own home. However Sally introduced me to the concept and I started to explore the options.


Sally showed me the wide variety of schools that offered bursaries and scholarships and with Sally’s help we developed an academic profile for each child which was basically a CV detailing their interests, hobbies and achievements to date and a photo.


We were keen not to move far geographically and Sally advised me to contact the Bursar at their current school in the first instance. As a new "single parent", I felt worried, nervous and humiliated about going “cap in hand” to the Bursar. Sally made me understand that all types of people from all different paths in life find themselves in the situation where they need help at times, and that if I didn’t ask, the only option would be to withdraw the children from their school.


It transpired that the children’s current school understood the need for continuity in the children’s education, valued the contributions they were currently making to the school and were willing to facilitate their continuing education. At no stage did I feel judged or condescended to by the bursar. I found her understanding and helpful and it became clear that she would work with me to achieve my aim of keeping them there.

There were forms to fill in that were quite self-explanatory and the Bursar was approachable if I needed further explanation. Sally also helped me in this regard.


Thanks to Sally’s advice and her opening my eyes to possibilities that I never dreamed were an option, both my children have managed to stay at their current school and are doing really well. They are happy and thriving and despite radical changes to other aspects of their lives, their school has been a constant. Private schooling is a huge financial undertaking, but I feel it’s a gift for their childhood that will hopefully enhance their lives as adults. I’m so relieved that I found a way to make it a reality for them with guidance from Sally.”