Pupil's Success Story

My Experience of Applying for Multiple Scholarships




“During the first few years of my schooling, I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of opportunities in sport. Our PE lessons were very basic and I became frustrated with the absence of challenge. We were give a tennis racquet and just had to balance a ball on it. I wanted to do a variety of sports and develop my skills.

After moving house, I changed to a school which had far more focus on sporting activities and encouraged me to develop my passion for physical education which was a far more suited to my skills and made me realise that sport was what I wanted to pursue. I was captain of netball, hockey, athletics and rounders. I took part in gym and swimming outside of school.

I also prepared for exams for a grammar school. I had a tutor to help me. The week before I was due to take the exams, I was very unwell with flu, and so by the day of the exam I was still unwell and I didn’t sleep the night before at all. Unfortunately I did not get a place. My mum was devastated at the time as this would have been a wonderful opportunity for a free education on a par with a private school.

When we moved house again, my family decided I would attempt a sports scholarship and I worked hard to achieve it. For the assessment I did many sports trials and assessments to prove my abilities and to prove I was worthy of a scholarship. I did two separate days. I didn’t know anyone so I felt quite nervous but they soon put me at my ease and I felt I blended into the class. After gaining my scholarship, I also had to successfully pass an entrance examination in Maths, English and verbal reasoning. I had an interview with the head teacher. She wanted to know about my sporting aspirations and my past endeavours in sports. She also wanted to know about some academic things too.

At around the same time I also applied to another private school in which I sat both academic and sport scholarships. I spent two days at this school and I had a sports assessment during this period. I was assessed upon my two days as a whole instead of sitting individual tests, which made me feel more at ease and was less pressurised.

I was offered a substantial scholarship at the first school. However I decided to decline this as I was also offered academic and sporting scholarships at the  second school which I thought would suit me better.

During my time at this school, I continued to thrive in my sporting activities and development, and I was a committed member to all sporting teams, lessons and clubs. I also did very well academically and I no longer felt my potential was being wasted as I was constantly challenged with new activities.

When it was time for me to leave for senior school, I applied for yet another award – this time a bursary, as that is what was offered at the school of my choice. I went for the induction day and we were offered a guided tour of the school and were thoroughly impressed. I then sat my entrance exams after deciding this was the right school for me. This time I did 2 Maths, 2 English and a non verbal reasoning test (which I had never done before. I had only done a few reasoning practice papers which my mum had bought for me). I passed all five exams and was awarded a considerable bursary.

Once I joined the school I initially struggled to settle in and find my feet as I joined at the beginning of year 8 when no-one else was joining and friendship groups were already established. But a new year brought new friends and I never looked back. I was recognised for my ability in sport and I immediately gained a placement in all sporting teams of which the opportunities were endless. I even went to the England netball nationals. I have gone on to become rounders captain and the sports ambassador prefect for the school.

I am really glad I joined the school. Although it is different from all the other schools that I have attended, it is certainly my favorite school I have been to. I was never really daunted by the prospect of exams and assessments, I just took them in my stride and did my best and accepted the result, good or bad.”