Frequently Asked Questions

For schools and professionals taking out Subscription Plans

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I need 2 Site Memberships as I manage 2 schools.  Can I use the same email address for each Site Membership?

The email address you use should be specific to each school. You will also need a different password for each Site Membership.

I am responsible for 2 schools. How do I display the details of more than one school on your directories?

Each school or organisation must have a separate Site Membership. The Site Membership must be in the name of the school or organisation, using a generic email address, so that the account can continue to be accessed despite any change in personnel.

How do I edit my information in your directories?

This is how you edit your information... 1). You click on " Edit or Hide your Uploaded Information" under the "Feature in our Directories" menu tab. 2) Select the form you require. 3) If you have more than one of this particular form e.g. several Awards or Open Days, then click "Next Page" until the desired form appears. 4) Edit or Hide the information in the form. 5) If you have any difficulties, please contact us.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my School Subscription Plan?

Yes you can. Simply wait until the last day of your current Subscription Plan and then purchase a new Subscription Plan. You will have access to all the information you previously input unless you downgraded your subscription, in which case you will have access to less information.

Please explain how Awards work?

  • Currently you may upload as many Awards as you like.
  • You upload one Award at a time.
  • For each Award you may enter a closing date or alternatively select "ongoing" if the Award can be applied for at any time and has no closing date.
  • If you have selected a closing date, the Award will automatically be hidden from the directory after the closing date has passed.
  • To enable the Award to show on the Awards directory again, simply select a closing date in the future and the Award will automatically be displayed again.

How can I view my uploaded information?

There are 2 ways you can view your uploaded information... 1) in Your account 2) by going to the search page

Am I free to cancel my Subscription Plan at any time?

Yes, you may cancel at any time. You are not tied in. All of our Subscription Plans are recurring monthly plans.

If I cancel my subscription, will my information still be displayed on your directories?

No. When you cancel your subscription, your information will be removed from our directories.

I am leaving my job and will be passing this role to someone else.  Can my replacement use the same Site Membership to manage our school or company details?

Yes. That is why we ask that you use a School or Company name for your Site Membership and an email address to which any sucessor will have acces.

Do I need to become a Site Member before uploading my information?

Yes you do. This is the sequence of events... 1) Become a Site Member 2) Purchase one or more of our Subscription Plans 3) Upload information your information

Can I transfer my account to a colleague?

Do you use secure payment?

Yes, we use a secure payment system.

I am a tutor and an assessor.  Can I feature on both the "Search for a Teacher, Tutor or Coach" directory and the "Search for an Assessor" directory?

Yes you can. You will need only one Site Membership but you will need to purchase both a "Tutor Plan" and an "Assessor Plan". Individuals should use their own name for their Site membership, rather than a business name, in order to facilitate having more than one membership.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and a range of card payments.

Can I link from my directory entry to my website?

Yes you can. You will see that your full page directory entry links has a number of links, including to your website and social media.

Can I link from my website and social media to The Scholarship and Bursary Advisory Centre website and social media?

If you are a subscriber, you may link to our website and social media.

I represent a British school abroad.  Can I upload my details to your directories?

We currently on display schools which are in the UK on our directories.

I represent a foreign school, based abroad.  Can I upload my details to your directories?

Currently we are only accepting details from schools which are based in the UK

How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact us in the following ways...

What happens when the date of my Open Days has passed?

When the date of an Open Day date has passed, that Open Day no longer shows on our Search for Open Days page. However the Open Day still exists and it can be edited or deleted on our Edit Open Days page. The OPen Day can be viewed in your Members' Area under "My Open Days".

I represent a school which both offers scholarships and prepares pupils for scholarships.  I am confused about which monthly subscription plan is relevant to me.

Some parents are looking for schools which offer fee assistance and other parents are looking for schools which help prepare pupils for scholarships. Hence we have 2 separate searchable databases to meet parents' needs. So if you are a school which both offers fee assistance and prepares pupils for scholarships, you can choose to appear on only one of these searchable databases, or on both. You will need a separate monthly subscription for each. So you can choose from a Schools monthly subscription (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and/or a Preparation Schools monthly subscription. This leaves you the flexibility to appear on one or both of the searchable databases, whatever suits you.

Please explain how Open Events work

Currently you may enter as many Open Events as you like. When an Open Event has passed, it will no longer show on the Open Events directory but you will be able to view it in your membership pages (log in and click on your name on the header to reach your membership pages). If you would like to the Open Event to be displayed on the website again, you will need to change the event date to a date in the future.